How Email Synergizes with Mobile and Social

Learning with GraphicMailMobile, Social and of course, Email – the holy trinity of online marketing…

Misusing any of the three could lead to damnation and online hellfire while synergizing the three leads to benevolent results of Godly proportions!

However, getting all the tools to work together can be as daunting as bringing peace to a Metallica concert – with even more screaming, angry customers!

Here’s some quick tips on how to get the most out of your integrated marketing campaign!

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Newsletter Showcase – Cool Mags

Who doesn’t like kittens and puppies?

Obviously too much of a good thing can be a bad thing (no one wants to be that cat lady writing bad poetry in her 70s), but when it comes to newsletters, covering the page with adorable fur managed to grab our attention this week!

Much like cutting up a birthday cake, you need to dissect even the best looking things in life to understand how they tick – so lets get into how and why this newsletter works!

Who doesn't like puppies??

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The Lowdown on Inbox by Gmail


Looks like Halloween has come 2 months late for email marketers…

Inbox by Gmail has been announced, bringing with it innovation, organization and ease of use… along with general panic, fear and lament from people behind email marketing campaigns! If you want to see for yourself, try it out here!

Every time Google announces a change to their email systems, emarketers seem to be all a flutter, however, just like with Gmail tabs and 2012 – the world didn’t end! (Sorry if that was a spoiler.)

Stop buying canned food, leave your raid shelter and unboard those windows – because we’re going to tell you exactly how to deal with this apparent emarketing e-pocalypse!


Inbox by Gmail on a phone!

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4 Vital Email Marketing Features

Critical Email Application functions can be complexIt’s important to know about every tool at your disposal for success, and an email marketer’s tool is his email service provider.

The process of managing a successful email marketing campaign can be a simple, streamlined experience if you know about the tools that are critical to achieving success.

This blog post will outline the four most important functions to go from email marketing monkey to emarketing extraordinaire!

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