Email Delivery and SMTP Relay

eMarketing Education with GraphicMailEmail is deceptively simple.

Create a promotional email, add some text and you’re ready to hit send!

Next thing you know, your clients are reading your email on their computer screens around the world! Sounds simple, right?

Well, not exactly.

The truth is, email delivery is quite a complex process!

While more mail means more success, it also means more risk! If you want to send out huge amounts of email, you need an email service provider to get your email to the right inbox, and not the spam folder.

Here’s an explanation of how email sending works – so that you’ll be the go-to-guy in the office when it comes to email!

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5 Subject Line Traits that Get you to Click (Part two)

eMarketing Education with GraphicMailEmail Subject Lines that Get you to Click

Interesting how one little line of text can be so powerful.

Those few words can build your email marketing contact list into the envy of emarketers everywhere!

Last week we started outlining 3 traits that will increase your open rate, boost interest in your emails and ultimately make your bank manager a happy guy!

You don’t have to wait any longer: below you’ll find the remaining two subject line tips and traits you can use to kick your email marketing campaign into overdrive!

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5 Subject Line Traits that Make you Click

eMarketing Education with GraphicMailEver wonder how gyms keep running? No, it’s not the twenty health enthusiasts who go weekly, it’s the salesmen who sell contracts to the hundred others that go once a month!

Some people just have the ability to persuade others… and some email marketers seem to have a natural talent to compel recipients to open their email just from creative use of their subject line.

Don’t believe me? Check out these subject lines that just begged us to click on them!

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