Video in Email

Videos in Email Last week the GraphicMail blog highlighted the importance of including images in your email for a lasting impression, but imagine if you came across an email with an image that danced across the screen, changed shapes and had sound playing.

Now THAT’s an email I would send to all my friends!

Those of you wondering how a regular image could possibly do this are in for disappointment: it can’t. Those of you who immediately thought ‘video’ get full marks and those of you who thought of a .gif image should be teaching the class!

Class is in session: read on to find out how you can incorporate video into your email.

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Images in Email

Images in email We live in an age where the average adult’s attention span is down to just 8 seconds – that’s less than a goldfish! So how do modern emarketers market to a bunch of goldfish in suits on their smartphones?

The answer, of course, is shorter, easier to digest email marketing content – and the king of understandable content has to be images.

People who read a message with an image are 55% more likely to remember it than messages with only text meaning that emails with images are at a distinct advantage compared to their less attractive counterparts!

With this in mind, designing email with images should become a priority for emarketers wanting to make a lasting impression on their clients – however, including images in email can be a risky business.

Read on to find out how to protect yourself from the pitfalls of including images in email!

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3 Things Email Marketing Does Better than Traditional Marketing

3 Things Email Marketing does betterUsing the right tool for the right job is critically important for achieving desirable results, but how do you know what the right tool is? You have to understand which tools are good at which task in order to get the desired result.

However, not all tools are created equally – especially in the world of modern marketing.

This post will prove that email marketing is the tool every marketer should use for success because of its many tasks that it just does better than traditional marketing.

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Responsive Email Design Guidelines

Responsive email design iconEmail design is crucial to a successful email marketing campaign. Making sure your email renders, is readable and easy to navigate often determines if your email marketing is successful or a failure.

Responsive email design is a powerful tool to accomplish this, but is often misused or misunderstood which causes disastrous results – like a Village People song.

Have no fear, grab a margarita and stick to these responsive design tips to find out how to keep your email campaign rolling!

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