3 Things Email Marketing Does Better than Traditional Marketing

3 Things Email Marketing does betterUsing the right tool for the right job is critically important for achieving desirable results, but how do you know what the right tool is? You have to understand which tools are good at which task in order to get the desired result.

However, not all tools are created equally – especially in the world of modern marketing.

This post will prove that email marketing is the tool every marketer should use for success because of its many tasks that it just does better than traditional marketing.

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Responsive Email Design Guidelines

Responsive email design iconEmail design is crucial to a successful email marketing campaign. Making sure your email renders, is readable and easy to navigate often determines if your email marketing is successful or a failure.

Responsive email design is a powerful tool to accomplish this, but is often misused or misunderstood which causes disastrous results – like a Village People song.

Have no fear, grab a margarita and stick to these responsive design tips to find out how to keep your email campaign rolling!

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Email Design in the Modern Age

Electronic Mail Design with GraphicMailSince the arrival of commercial internet in the mid 90s, websites have attempted to promote products and services to users around the world through flickering static on CRT screens in some form or another.

Due to a misunderstanding of online interaction, the early attempts of online marketing were largely laughable. Early emarketers typically came from a background in advertising using pamphlets, posters and brochures; and thus designed web pages in the same way.

We’re talking static, unresponsive pages that required early internet users to scroll in eight different directions to read a sentence pointing them to another page… full of the same scrolling!
If there was an internet hell, this was it!

Jump forward to today, and we often see a similar situation.

However, mobile devices have become the new desktop and promotional sites have become the new email – yet so many emails today are still plagued by bad layout design.

This blog post will outline the different email designs available for email marketing and which are best to use today.

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Email Segmentation: The Science

Email Segmentation in your marketing campaign can do wonders for client satisfactionThe past few blog posts covered growing your mailing list, sending top-notch email marketing text to your clients, and optimizing your landing pages for maximum client acquisition. If you’ve followed the tips contained in these digital codices, you should be sitting on a mountain of information! But what do you do with all that information? How do you use the fact that your client base consists of a certain demographic, nationality or gender? The answer is effective use of email segmentation – and this blog post will show you how! Continue reading