Email marketing – one of the channels that gives you the most bang for your buck

When it comes to return on your investment, email marketing and organic search are rated as the best marketing channels. The infographic by Billy Lam below shows clearly that most visitors are attracted via email marketing (51%) and Organic Search (54%).

Why would that be? We think it’s because it smells the least of advertising. Email marketing is about relationship building. It’s about telling your story, and making an effort in communicating with your audience.

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We keep pirates from “phishing” in your waters

There are pirates to be found in any waters… from the Somali coast, to the swashbuckling looters in the Caribbean and even in email marketing! And how do you know if someone’s a pirate? Because they just “ARRR!” Well, if only it was that easy.


In order to prevent illegal phishers casting their nets via our email marketing sending software, we have made a small but impactful change in our application. This change will also keep you safer – as who wants to mingle with potential bounty-hunters that bring down your good reputation?

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Sending from a Yahoo email address? Your newsletter delivery rate might drop

Yahoo began imposing a stricter email validation policy that may unfortunately result in your newsletters landing up in spam or being returned to you as bounced mail.

Why did Yahoo do this?
According to WordToTheWise, “there’s been an ongoing attack against Yahoo users attempting to compromise their accounts and then send email from that Yahoo user to their contacts […] Yahoo is telling other systems to not accept mail from Yahoo users if it doesn’t come through Yahoo controlled servers. This includes the mail from the attackers, but also mail from regular Yahoo users.”
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Writing Great Subject Lines for Mobile Devices

Let’s face it, the ‘writing‘ is on the wall when it comes to mobile browsing and the amount of people who read their emails on mobile devices.  With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a few top tips on how to make sure your emails, and specifically their subject lines, get the attention they deserve.

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