May Newsletter of the Month: Desert Lanes

It always feels great when someone unexpected remembers your birthday. Even if it’s just a simple email, the thought can go a long way. That’s why for this month’s newsletter showcase we chose Desert Lanes Family Fun Center for their birthday eflyer mailing.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 7.16.27 AM

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some personalization to your email marketing, sending a birthday greeting to your subscribers is a great place to start. You can wish them a happy birthday by name right in the subject line with a personalization tag linked to the first names in your address book.

As always, remember to include alt tags for any images in an ecard or birthday flyer so your readers will know what you were trying to say if they cannot load images.

SMBs gear up to embrace mobile in 2014

There has been a lot of discussion on how revolutionary mobile will be for business in the coming decade, and the fervor continues to grow with recent reports of Facebook’s mobile ad revenue jumping to nearly 60% of their total 2+ billion (Fast Company, 2014). More and more businesses are hoping to invest in mobile during 2014 so they don’t get left out. But where can they start and how effective will their investments be?

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April Newsletter of the Month: Advanced Naturals

This month we choose Advanced Naturals for a two-part email sent out on April Fool’s Day. But they weren’t trying to fool any of their customers. They resent a mailing from the day before which contained an error caught by one of their customers. Advanced Naturals took the chance to admit to the mistake and alert their customers to the correction. It’s a very appropriate move, especially with a shoutout to the customer who spotted the error: “…we always value your feedback and we are pleased to hear that clients study our messages closely.”

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