GraphicMail Case Study: Davemail

1 – The Situation

Davemail is a division of Fiore Communications—a full-service marketing, public relations, and advertising firm established in 1999 and based in Tallahassee, Florida. Davemail knows that providing consistent, useful information to customers is important, as nurturing relationships with existing customers is far more cost effective than trying to find new ones. “Like many small businesses, we are so busy taking care of clients that we have trouble finding time to work on attracting new ones.” says Dave Fiore, the man behind Fiore Communications. Read on to find out how becoming a Reseller has helped Davemail achieve their goals.

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Email Marketing Case Study: Middle East Health

Trade magazine uses email marketing to reach advertising clients


“As a contract publishing and client media company, GraphicMail’s tracking tools give us a good idea of which advertisers to target with follow-up proposals.”


Middle East Health is a bimonthly English languagetrade magazine for the healthcare industries in the Middle East, and is distributed in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as well as Egypt, Iran, and the Levantine countries. The magazine is published by Trident Communications in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a contract publishing/client media company.

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GraphicMail API case study

The GraphicMail API (Application Protocol Interface) is a way for you to interact your customer database, CRM, CMS, or e-commerce shopping cart with your GraphicMail data. It opens a world of possibilities.

Seamless CRM integration at Contact Anywhere   Contact Anywhere

Contact Anywhere is a hosted, software as a service tool designed to support the business processes of diverse marketing and sales focused organisations. The core service is an intuitive suite of modules for contact management, salesforce automation, and pipeline analysis. All are highly customizable and can be integrated with remote data, services and applications. For example:

  • Web site integration
  • Using data from customer servers in Contact Anywhere forms
  • Using Contact Anywhere data in customer applications

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Email Marketing Case Study: Refresh

Reseller saves time and profits with GraphicMail’s easy to use system


“Our clients have benefitted from increased webtraffic or sales.”


Founded in 2001, Refresh Creative Media is a small company focused on web development, e-Commerce and video production.

While based in Cape Town, Refresh works with both national and international clients, across varying diverse industries, on a regular basis. They aim to cater to all their clients’ media and marketing needs.

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Email Marketing Case Study: The Pixel Zoo

Designers partner with GraphicMail to cater to clients’ needs


“Using GraphicMail has saved our clients money, saved us time and greatly improved the value our clients get from their bulk communications marketing exercises.”


Established in 2002, The Pixel Zoo is a specialist design agency with office in both Johannesburg and Cape Town offering a broad range of design services in both traditional and new media. Owned and managed by Hannah Williams and Laura Glover, The Pixel Zoo brings a unique blend of skills to the table, combining creative graphic design skills with a high degree of technical expertise in the online environment.

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