Email Blacklists – Everything you Need to Know

Email Blacklists

It’s not a friendly phrase, is it?

Well, that’s because it’s not a friendly place to be listed, especially if you are trying your hand at email marketing!

Being blacklisted can make anyone’s tea taste sour, but worse than that (yes there are worse things) it harms your deliverability more than a fair election on the Gaza Strip.

As an email marketer, you should know exactly what a blacklist is, how to avoid them and what happens when you find yourself on one – or you risk starting a war against people you can’t beat.

The countries that have the most email blacklistings

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Gmail Call to Actions in the Subject Line

Tricking the Gmail Giant

As part of Google’s 12 step program to take over the world, Gmail was released in 2009 and quickly became a very popular alternative to other email clients on the market.

Gmail is currently the fastest growing email client on the market, and was last reported as having over 425 million active users in 2012!

Not fighting against giants wasn’t something your mother would teach you, but it was something you would learn on the playground – quickly.

And Gmail is quickly becoming that giant with it’s current growth rate.

So don’t fight it – why not learn to take advantage of it and get Gmail on your side? That’s exactly what this article will show you.

Gmail is soon becoming the number 1 email client with their innovations

(CC Image by Martin Lafrance)

Google Government – Coming to a State Near You!

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List Clean Up – Why Reputation Matters

Save Money with List Clean Up Services

Email is Meant to be Read. Send it to People Who Read it.

If a tree falls down in a forest, but no-one is around to hear it, did it make a sound?
Likewise, if you send an email but no-one is around to read it, was there a point in sending it?

Before I blow your mind any further, I’ll answer that question for you – no, there isn’t. Much like a french mime, sending an email that isn’t read has no point. That’s why it’s important that you save your money for the emails that are actually read and not bounced.

You can do this with the List Clean Up Service that GraphicMail offers.


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