March 2014 Newsletter of the Month

Newsletter of the Month March 2014

This month we showcase Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin for their monthly health newsletter. We like how clean cut this email is alongside its easy to navigate layout. The content includes helpful hyperlinks where appropriate, and the stacked news items make it easy to progress through the email via scrolling.


In addition to monthly news updates, the email prompts subscribers to click on links for finding a physician, medical facility location, or classes and events. These are fantastic ways to keep readers engaged and familiar with Froedtert and the Medical College via online portals.


Great content via embedded video


We also think the video embedded “above the fold” of the email’s layout is a fantastic idea to capture readers’ attention after opening. One suggestions we’d make is to add alt text to videos (and images!) so plain-text email readers and those who don’t have images downloaded automatically in their email program will know what’s going on throughout the email.


Mobile tip: with the Email Creator, our new editor, this email will be automatically re-layouted by our system for readers who look at it on their smartphones. This means however, that each block of copy will be stacked underneath one other, making the entire newsletter look rather long on a mobile screen. So: create shorter content, and work with links for additional information (to a web page, a blog entry, a social post).


Overall, this is a thorough email with a lot of information presented in a clean cut way. Great job!

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