Triggered Email Marketing: Give it a Shot

Triggered Email Marketing can boost your sales!

Triggered Email Marketing is underutilized by email marketers around the world, much to the detriment of their businesses, cash flow and even their customers! The proper usage of triggered email marketing does not result in clogging a customer’s inbox full of irrelevant questions, statements and information – that’s what Facebook is for.

Read on to find out the stats behind the claims and how you can use triggered email marketing to improve your results today!

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Anti-Spam Laws – How to Comply With CASL and CAN-SPAM

GraphicMail Canadian customers have a new feature automatically implemented to help comply with the Canadian Anti Spam Law (CASL). This feature sends out a verification email to subscribers to confirm that they indeed wish to subscribe to an email list and receive regular emails.

Read on to find out why this addition is important to abide by anti-spam laws and how you can ensure that the law won’t be paying you a visit any time soon.

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Email Pricing That Suits You

The best email marketing application is much like the secret of happiness – it’s elusive, everyone wants it and there’s lots of businesses offering fake versions to unsuspecting people.

Ultimately, however, both are subjective – much like the secret to happiness, the best email marketing application will be different to different people!

The best email marketing application for you is based on your where your business is, what you need out of it and what you can afford.

The best email marketing application adjusts to your needs


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Inbox Preview and SpamScore – Beta Testing

Two exciting improvements have become available to improve user experience and deliverability for GraphicMail customers in the United States and South Africa with Inbox Preview and SpamScore.

These upgraded tools are currently in the beta testing phase, and as such are free to use by all GraphicMail clients. All we ask is that you take a minute of your time to rate the features (Inbox Preview or SpamScore) and tell us how we can better assist you. Read on to get the details on these powerful new developments and how they can boost your email marketing campaign!

Inbox Preview

Stop reading your horoscope and throw that crystal ball at a gypsy – now you too can see into the future with Inbox Preview!  

Inbox preview is great for your email marketing campaign

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