Email Spam – You Could be a Spammer and Not Know it

Spam and mailing are always at a constant battle for attentionNobody likes a spammer. They’re those guys who come to a party and keep telling you the same story over and over hoping you’ll take an interest in their obscure hobbies.

But what if you’re that guy but you don’t know it?

Many email marketers find that their mail automatically gets sent to the spam folder or that their mail gets reported as spam – even when they had no intention to spam!

If this is happening to you, you better take a look at these guidelines and find out how you can prevent your mail being sent to the email spam folder, and your campaign to the trash can.

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Mailing List Growth – 3 Simple Tips

Mailing list growth with GraphicMail is fast and effective!An email marketer without a mailing list is about as useful as a trap door on a lifeboat.

In order to keep your campaign afloat and not sink faster than the Titanic, you need to keep growing and maintaining your subscriber list – or risk hitting the iceberg of blacklists and the sharks of insolvency!

This post will be your life jacket in a sea of uncertainty. Read on to find some tips on how to grow your subscriber list and keep it sailing to success.

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Triggered Email Marketing: Give it a Shot

Triggered Email Marketing can boost your sales!

Triggered Email Marketing is underutilized by email marketers around the world, much to the detriment of their businesses, cash flow and even their customers! The proper usage of triggered email marketing does not result in clogging a customer’s inbox full of irrelevant questions, statements and information – that’s what Facebook is for.

Read on to find out the stats behind the claims and how you can use triggered email marketing to improve your results today!

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