5 Ways to Encourage Subscriber Engagement

5 Ways to Encourage Subscriber Engagement   Did you know? On average, consumers are only interested enough to open around a quarter of the email offers they receive – 24% for those received via work email and 26% for those received via personal email! This means that unless you’re already engaging your subscribers on a […]

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3 More Ways to Segment Your Email Sends

Are you tired of your inbox getting flooded with an endless stream of emails promoting stuff you have no interest in? So is everyone else – including the people on your mailing lists! Now that’s not to say that plenty of people aren’t interested in buying your product. But if you hit someone with the […]


5 Unbreakable Email Marketing Rules for Successful Sending

Email Marketing Rules for Successful Sending Every game has rules, and every player needs to know those rules before they start playing if they want to win. Email marketing is no different – except instead of amassing a score, you build ROI, engagement and of course, conversions! Knowing the rules of email marketing and what […]


5 Game Changing Email Marketing Statistics

You gotta know the numbers – Rain Man knew the numbers, and he turned out just fine! Like Las Vegas, email marketing numbers are the bottom line for deciding when to invest and what to focus on – and unlike Las Vegas, you can always bet on email marketing! Don’t believe me? Take a look […]


GraphicMail – Now with 2 Factor Authentication

The world is becoming less secure, less private and your information is more at risk than ever! You have to monitor and watch your bank accounts, double check records and be careful who you deal with. Luckily, we’ve got your back – Here at GraphicMail, we take security very seriously. It is of paramount importance and […]