Syncing Outlook Contacts with Your GraphicMail Mailing Lists

Outlook has been around forever and some people have decided not to abandon it for other email services like Gmail. Like that embarrassing friend you just can’t let go of, despite their faults you’ve been through too much together… and they have all of your contacts.

Heres where it all beginsDid you know you could synchronize your contacts with your GraphicMail mailing list? You can save your contacts and synchronize them with GraphicMail mailing lists via a plugin, saving you from any tearful goodbyes and having to import those dreadful csv files!

Basically what this means is that all your Outlook contacts will be added to your mailing list on your account and vice versa. If you delete one contact in Outlook it will be deleted off your GraphicMail mailing list too and, you guessed it, it goes both ways!

After syncing, you’ll never look back again – and you won’t have to, it’s that easy.
Just download it, unzip it, select the language folder and install it by clicking ‘setup.exe’ – once installed, open Outlook to log in to your GraphicMail account to start the first sync. If that seems too complex for you, here’s an awesome step by step video on how to setup the plugin.

After setting up the plugin, you don’t have to look out for Outlook ever again, as you can configure the frequency of syncs automatically and even specify which dataset is used to which contact list making organisation easier than charming girls at a wedding.

This all-powerful plugin also allows you to sync up to four Outlook categories with up to four different mailing lists in your GraphicMail account.

The GraphicMail plugin is also a quite agreeable piece of software, being able to work with most Outlook clients such as the 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions. It also works well with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

So don’t say goodbye to the classics, say hello to synchronization with GraphicMail’s Outlook plugin! Does anyone still use Outlook? Comment below and tell us why!

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