Of Course Email Is Still The Biggest Online Seller!

While we’re not saying mobile and social marketing isn’t effective, take a look at what’s happening in email; it’ll knock your modern media feet from right under you.


While loads of people are punting for social, let’s not forget that stalwart of sales and customer acquisition – email. A recent study by Custora shows that online retailers have quadrupled their new customer acquisitionsthrough email,. and that’s just in the last 4 year! Not a chance you’d want to let slip by, right?

Email marketing still produces more sales


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Our Key Email Metrics Have Changed!

Email marketing is more than just creating a newsletter and sending it. The marketing
value comes into play when analysing the key metrics on a newsletter send, which can easily be done with your drill-down GraphicMail reports.


Take a peek at the 7 key metrics that email marketers rely on:
·                     List size
·                     Delivery rate or deliverability in industry speak.
·                     Open rate
·                     Click-through rate
·                     Conversion rate
·                     Unsubscribes and spam complaints
·                     Historical comparisons

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