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Become an Email Marketing 007!

Ever wondered what inspires people to click through to certain links in your newsletters, rather than others; or maybe there’s this recurring trend in clicks that you just can’t seem to understand or get to grips with? (more…)


Of Course Email Is Still The Biggest Online Seller!

While we’re not saying mobile and social marketing isn’t effective, take a look at what’s happening in email; it’ll knock your modern media feet from right under you.   While loads of people are punting for social, let’s not forget that stalwart of sales and customer acquisition – email. A recent study by Custora shows […]


Our Key Email Metrics Have Changed!

Email marketing is more than just creating a newsletter and sending it. The marketing value comes into play when analysing the key metrics on a newsletter send, which can easily be done with your drill-down GraphicMail reports.   Take a peek at the 7 key metrics that email marketers rely on: ·                     List size ·                     […]