Of Course Email Is Still The Biggest Online Seller!

While we’re not saying mobile and social marketing isn’t effective, take a look at what’s happening in email; it’ll knock your modern media feet from right under you.


While loads of people are punting for social, let’s not forget that stalwart of sales and customer acquisition – email. A recent study by Custora shows that online retailers have quadrupled their new customer acquisitionsthrough email,. and that’s just in the last 4 year! Not a chance you’d want to let slip by, right?

Email marketing still produces more sales


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New User? Here Are Some Top Tips From Our Support Team!

This week sees Shaheen return to the hot seat with another frequently asked question. Seeing as he’s all about helping out, he’s given us another frequently asked question for the week.



So  we all get a bit confused by technology every now and then, especially if it’s the first time we’re using it. Now for those of you using the reports section on your dashboard (the control screen landing page, kind of like the bridge of a ship) for the first time Shaheen’s got a pretty good breakdown of what it’s all about.

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Catch Us At HostingCon 2013, Austin Texas!

We’re on our way to Austin for the annual web hosting and cloud service conference, also known as HostingCon, kicking off tomorrow June 18. As one of the world’s best-established email service providers, ourselves partnering with cloud integration application OneSaaS; we were first in line to get our spot.


GraphicMail will be brushing shoulders with other industry leaders like Dell, HP and Symantec. While exchanging ideas and just having a great time in general, our CEO Nicholas Eckert and US Business Development Manager Stacy Hayes will be on hand to answer any questions conference-goers might have and give more insight into our business – in doing so further expand our network of partners globally.

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