Writing Great Subject Lines for Mobile Devices

Let’s face it, the ‘writing‘ is on the wall when it comes to mobile browsing and the amount of people who read their emails on mobile devices.  With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a few top tips on how to make sure your emails, and specifically their subject lines, get the attention they deserve.

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Almost 30% of consumers use their mobile phone to browse the Internet!

Mobile is here to stay and the must-know word here is, engagement. GraphicMail gives you great tools to talk to your clients, like our mobile mini site. Think about it – here’s a link in your text message – those little guys with the enormous open rates – pushing you through to a beautiful mobile site with all the pretty pictures and text you’ll need to get the message. It’s like MMS, on Steroids!


Mobile marketing also allows you the use of instant redeem coupons. Send your peeps the link, they click and voila. Instant redeem, no mess, no fuss – no paper so happy trees. Going green – mobile and email marketing makes it happen.

Want to create your own, free mini mobile site? Check out our help center.

What would you use a mini mobile site for? An event, your business profile, a sales catalogue?