GraphicMail Goes Green with Liz Juices!

Have a look at our featured client, serving up beautiful newsletters their clients simply can’t resist!

β€œThe different templates that you provide that I have been able to save and re-adjust with new info. I have created some beautiful newsletters.’’ – Elizabeth Howard

Lizz Creative Juices is a healthy juice bar that supplies pure healthy, vegan beverages. Founded in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Elizabeth Howard created the juice bar to provide juices, smoothies, elixirs and a whole host of nutritional classes which incorporate healthy foods made through the juice bar.

Along with the beverages the juice bar also organizes nutritional educational events and as an extra Elizabeth Howard herself is available for private nutritional consultations.

The use of GraphicMail has helped in the increase of sales, as when Liz Creative Juices first started the use of their email account didn’t allow for mass emails to be sent and nor did it allow for personalization of the emails. The use of the templates and tailored solutions has helped dramatically as the visual punch of the advertisement can now be used as a marketing tool along with the critical information that is included.

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