Don’t just act Social, Be Social

Now look, being a social media whizz isn’t everyone’s ‘thing’, but believe it or not, at some point we all have to delve into it. Sure, a Tweet here and a Facebook post there doesn’t hurt, right? Wrong! The social media landscape is littered with landmines, just ask…oh, we don’t know…politicians, celebrities and even sports stars.
Ok, so we’re not looking to give you the heebiedjeebies and have you run for the hills of traditional communication; all we’re saying is that is you’re going to be getting involved in social media then why not have someone with hero skills help you out?

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Go social with integrated social share publishing

According to, around 46% of people rely on social media before deciding to buy anything. In today’s email marketing world, it is more important than ever to integrate your campaigns with social media sharing to maximize the reach of your message. GraphicMail gives you a complete social media tool kit for getting your message to go viral on social networks.