Screen your message for spam

Whether your meant it or not, spam messages are not appreciated by recipients, including your subscribers. We know you would never spam anyone, but in case your email comes close with some words or formatting styles which may be confused for spam, we have a nifty spam checker to screen your message before sending. That way, you’ll know it’s safe to send without worry.

Our spam checker identifies any suspicious formatting or overused offer words, such as “100% FREE”, “No fees”, “click here”, or “risk free” that would cause a message to be flagged as spam. As long as your message receives a score below 5.0, you’re unlikely to be considered spam.

Am I a Spammer?

Spam. There it is, the big S! It’s a word feared by email marketers, the ‘he who shall not be named’ of direct marketing. Well, it doesn’t have to be.


Spamming is classified in many ways, but think of it as the mail you get in your mailbox at home. Once a week someone comes along with a bag full of papers that are of absolutely no use to you, yet they still get stuffed into your box. It basically works the same for emails. Certain people’s sole purpose is to clog up our inboxes.

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